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Closed Loop Cooling Tower / Closed Circuit Cooling Tower operates in a manner similar to conventional cooling towers, except that the sensible heat to be rejected is transferred from the process fluid to water and ambient air directly through a heat exchange coil. The coil serves to isolate the process fluid from outside environment, keeping it clean and contamination free in a closed loop, thus creating two separate circuits

  • Primary / Internal circuit in which the process fluid circulates inside the coil
  • Secondary / External circuit sprays circulating water from the basin over the coil which evaporates to reject heat to the environment.  

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Closed Loop Cooling Tower V/S Conventional System

Cooling System using a closed loop cooling tower is far simpler when compared to conventional system. The Intermediate heat exchanger, secondary pumps – piping & valves of the conventional Secondary Circuit are replaced with single closed loop cooling tower unit having inbuilt primary & secondary circuits.

Product Range
Model HTE-50 HTE-60 HTE-80 HTE-100 HTE-120 HTE-135 HTE-150 HTE-170 HTE-200 HTE-250 HTE-300
Cooling Capacity(Kcal/h) 150000 180000 240000 300000 360000 400000 450000 510000 600000 756000 900000
Water Flow(m3/h) 30-32 40-43 49-51 59-61 70-72 80-82 90-93 102-105 125-128 150-153 180-182
Model Cooling Capacity(Kcal/h) Water Flow(m3/h)
HTE-50 150000 30-32
HTE-60 180000 40-43
HTE-80 240000 49-51
HTE-100 300000 59-61
HTE-120 360000 70-72
HTE-135 400000 80-82
HTE-150 450000 90-93
HTE-170 510000 102-105
HTE-200 600000 125-128
HTE-250 756000 150-153
HTE-300 900000 180-182

Above specs are for common use. We can also customize.

Design condition of cooling capacity based on inlet temp  37° C ; Outlet 32° C ; Wet bulb temp 28° C.

Please contact our representative for suitable selection of the equipment based on the site conditions and application.

Types of cooling coil we used:


GI Coil


Stainless Steel Coil


Carbon Steel Coil


Copper Coil

Operating Principle


Low Energy


Low Installed


Long Service



Advantages of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Closed circuit cooling tower is used in the following applications: water source heat pumps, industrial processes, air compressors, weld machine cooling, mould water cooling, power plant auxiliary cooling, furnace cooling, transformer cooling, closed condenser loops, critical systems, and systems requiring plume elimination.

Clean process fluids sustain the performnace of high efficiency components. Save on energy consumption by operating in “Free Cooling Mode” during the winter

Reduces or eliminates cleaning the heat exchanger. Extends the life of the equipment

Free Cooling without an intermediate heat exchanger. Dry operation during winter months. Variable speed pumping to conserve energy without the potential of scaling the unit.

Lower volume of recirculation water reduce water treatment cost. Dry operation and adiabatic modes reduce or eliminate water consumption.

Compact single piece of equipment conserves space replaces three components (cooling tower, heat exchanger, and pump arrangement)

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Components


Cooling Tower Packing

Cooling tower packing is one of the most important parts of a cooling tower. The packing ensures maximum contact between air and water to enable cooling.

FIL12 | FIL19 | FIL27 | FILOSS19 | ABS | FILRC

Drift Eliminators

Drift eliminators have the purpose of preventing droplets or smaller aerosols from being taken by the air flow from the cooling tower.

H130RC | RC50 | RC10 | RC20 | RC30

Motor and Fans

All parts of a cooling tower are important, but it is certainly important to exercise the necessary care of the drive gear of your cooling tower, these being the turning parts of  a cooling tower.


Water Distribution System

Engineering, production and installation of open and closed water distribution systems for your cooling tower, including the appropriate nozzles.


Air Intake Louvers

Air intake louvers prevent water splashes from the water collection tank and prevent larger debris from arriving in the water tank.

Features of Closed Cooling Towers

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